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Wisdom Through Connection summary

A virtual meeting place for leaders to share, learn, develop and connect!

Are you feeling like everything is going as well as it possibly can? I mean you love your family, you have great friends, you love your job (most of the time), overall, you're happy, right?!

Is there just a little something nagging at you that you can't quite put your finger on? Perhaps something is missing?


Is it that feeling of connection with like-minded leaders that you get when you go to a conference, or an industry event ... is it that sense of vitality and enthusiasm that comes after connecting with others who share the same passions you do.

Ironically, sometimes that busy feeling of overwhelm and disconnection can be eased by counter-intuitively adding 'something more' into your schedule - as long as that 'something more' fills you up!

The Wisdom Through Connection series is focused on leadership development and gaining wisdom through small group sessions with like minded leaders building one another up

"What I am looking for is a real connection, you know, with people like me. And I am looking for solutions, practical and insightful, that I can really use in my day to day leadership practice."

Are you, just a little bit, overwhelmed?

In your busy day to day life of being a leader - setting your team's vision and expectations, developing your people, inspiring your people, making sure that you and your team's business performance is exceptional, and all the while it is you driving those results  - AND keeping your boss happy, and your family,  and your friends ... phew, I'm exhausted just thinking about it! Have you left room for your own growth and development, or even self care? If you're totally honest with yourself, you're probably not really looking after your own needs as well as you should?

The truth is, it's really hard!

Your priorities are pulling you in a tonne of directions - and often those directions are in conflict - there are so many demands at your company at the moment, not to mention the toll from the pandemic and how it is affecting your team, your family - and YOU.

It really is overwhelming.

Put on your own oxygen mask first!

None of us are flying as frequently as usual these days, but I know we've all heard this instruction dozens of times - put on your own oxygen mask first, then assist others.

It is one of those paradoxes that are sometimes difficult for us as humans to process ... we intuitively know we need to take care of ourselves in order to be able to serve others ... yet the desire be there for our work team, our family, our friends is such a strong pull ... not only do you have responsibilities, and the desire to be a good boss, a good friend, a good parent ... you are also extremely capable, and you know people are depending on you for that!

What about your own plans? Your career dreams? Do you need to make time for dusting off your personal career map and get in some growth and development focus to progress your own leadership journey? Maybe the first step is to get back to paying attention to your needs?

Wisdom Through Connection Forum

Our forum is virtual - so yes, it is another Zoom meeting ... however, this one is different.  

Firstly, our atmosphere is friendly and relaxed.  Our members want to learn from you as well as share their own wisdom too.  Our sessions end with members feeling a sense of being nurtured and filled up.  And this is so powerful for our members as they are re-energized after our sessions and able to get back to nurturing the important people in their lives.

Secondly,  your only obligation is to share, learn and connect.  No judging of your performance, this is the safest of environments.

Thirdly, we are focused on important challenges we each face as leaders, and have some really enriching and thought provoking conversation.  And we support one another.

What are the topics of importance to you as a leader today? What are your challenges? You are not alone.

What will happen if I sign-up for the waitlist?

Here are the steps for the waitlist process.


Express your interest by signing up for the waitlist. Think about whether you would prefer to meet during the day or in the evening.


I will email you about upcoming topics and session times so I can learn your preferences. Let me know if you prefer evenings or not!


Stand-by for me to invite you to a group that suits your needs! You'll learn about pricing and terms and choose to join if it's for you!

What happens during the Wisdom Through Connection sessions?

Before the first session

  • You will receive your welcome pack for the Wisdom Through Connection community!
  • You'll be invited to join the private WTC Facebook page.
  • You'll also have the opportunity to ask any questions via email.
  • You will receive your 6 x 90 minute zoom meeting invitations (these will be scheduled over a 6 or 7 week period depending on the holiday calendar)

Before each weekly session

  • You will also receive the pre-reading suggestions for each week based on the theme topic and sub-topics.
  • You will receive a friendly reminder email ahead of each session.

During each session

  • Sessions are designed very intentionally and will be facilitated by Lead Coach, Carla.
  • In order to achieve the objectives for the Wisdom Through Connection series, it is so important to strike the right balance between structure and fluidity.
  • Each session has an agenda that starts with a reconnection (and initial introductions at the first meeting), and then gets into an open discussion of exploration on the theme topic.
  • Each session is usually wrapped up with a brief summary and preview for the next meeting.
  • Each group is targeted to be 6 people, but depending on the dynamics of the season, may be as small as 4 people, and never larger than 8 people.

After each session

  • Firstly, based on feedback from others, you will feel great! (I've had groups ask me if we can keep going for another 15 minutes when we come to our meeting close time!!)
  • A brief summary email is sent after each session that captures some of the high points and any  'a-ha' moments that arose through the discussion.
  • From time to time, a feedback survey may be issued to assure ongoing effectiveness and enhancements.
  • There is a private facebook - so you can ask questions of one another and seek feedback from your group members between sessions.

Are you ready to invest in your own development and gain wisdom in a nurturing, connected, and safe environment?

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