About Magenta Roads

Magenta Roads' mission is to empower the next generation of leaders by inspiring, developing, and supporting them to meet their personal and executive potential.

Founder, Carla Santamaria is a proven, heart-centered leader passionate about developing emerging talent. Leveraging her 20+ years' in corporate leadership in the energy sector, she provides a safe atmosphere for teams and individuals to learn,  transform, and rapidly advance their impact.


  • Executive Coaching
  • Mid-level Manager to Leader Transition Coaching
  • Emerging / High Potential Talent Coaching
  • Small group facilitation/workshops - team development, strategy, planning
  • Enterprise program advisor - leadership development, mentoring, retention, gender diversity

Individual Coaching

Exclusive one on one coaching tailored to individual strengths and needs.

Focus on personal clarity and confidence to create impact as a leader.

Group Coaching

Coaching of small groups in a variety of leadership development topics.

Facilitation of team meetings or workshops for team development, strategy development, or planning.


Enterprise program consulting and solutions development.

Focus areas: leadership development, organizational effectiveness & culture, communication, mentoring, and retention. 

Principal Consultant 

Carla Santamaria

"I am passionate about supporting leaders early in their careers, so that they can develop from the start, the two sets of skills they will need to be impactful at senior levels - that is, the capacity to lead people with compassion and vision - AND - the focus and capabilities to lead the way on delivering superior business results!"

Core Values

  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging
  • Compassionate Leadership
  • Solutions Focused
  • Results Driven

Recent Endorsement

"Carla's ability to cut to the core of a topic and challenge me in practical and compassionate ways differentiates her from other coaches I've worked with."

Oil & Gas Executive, Houston, Texas

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