Are you a Leader looking to make more impact and advance your career? 

Say goodbye to uncertainty and overwhelm in just 90 minutes!

In just 90 minutes you will walk away with a clear, personal action plan to bring even more impact to your leadership practice and your career. This applies to new leaders too!

Are you ready to have more clarity about what you need to do to impress your boss, manage your team (and your time) and feel like you are making a difference in your leadership role?

Do you have days where you feel so busy that there isn't any time to just think?

It's like you took on this leadership role to make a difference, but now it just feels so overwhelming ...

... never-ending interruptions

... deadlines upon deadlines

... a demanding boss ... not to mention your team ...

and a foreboding sense that you are out of control ... sound familiar?

What if you could spend just 1-1/2 hours ... 

... and get some expert advice ...

... and a clear path forward for the next three months ...

... with 2-3 priority actions ...

... that would boost your impact ... and your confidence?

Imagine when you ...

... are waking up each morning and feeling energised about your day rather than overwhelmed.

... are confident and excited about working towards your long-term goals each and every day.

..are feeling a sense of accomplishment and reward in the difference you are making.

... are gaining recognition from your boss (and above!) for the impact you are having!

Hey There! I'm Carla ...

I'm a leadership coach and I am passionate about developing and supporting aspiring, first-time, second-time, and new executive leaders looking to reach their next level of leadership impact.

You can find out more about me and my background on the Magenta Roads 'About' page … meanwhile, keep reading below to learn more about the Leadership Impact Explorer call.

Magenta Roads, Principal, Carla Santamaria

Introducing The Leadership Impact Explorer call

The Leadership Impact Explorer is a 90-minute one-on-one coaching session over zoom

My number one goal for you is leave the call with a sense of clarity. And with your action plan in hand you'll know exactly what your priorities are over the next 100 days to expand your leadership impact and claim back your confidence and energy!

"So tell me more ... what exactly happens on the call?"

The Leadership Explorer is a coaching session that we will conduct over zoom. It is 90 minutes long and is a working session - so come prepared to work! You'll be doing a lot of thinking ... and I will do the typing!

The process is designed to get you on your way to improving your leadership impact quickly. You will leave the call with a clear set of actions to take over the next 100 days to expand your leadership influence, and that will help you find greater clarity in your approach.

You will have my complete attention as I bring my 20+ years of experience as a corporate manager, and years of mentoring and coaching, to quickly identifying your opportunity areas, and your strengths. Your hundred day plan will include working on your growth opportunities AND harnessing and cultivating your strengths. Afterall, it is your strengths that have got you to where you are today!

We will then complete the Leadership Impact Explorer Worksheet together, right there and then, that will provide you with your highest priority actions that you can take over the next 100 days to enhance and expand your impact as a leader. As promised, I will do the typing! :)

Once you know your highest priority areas for action AND the steps to take you will be amazed at how effortlessly you can blend these actions into your current work priorities. And the momentum and enthusiasm you will feel by making daily progress on your long term goals - as well as keeping up with your short term work commitments that you simply MUST deliver on … well, I can tell you, it will feel great! And it will bring you a new level of energy! And you won't be the only one that notices!

How does it work?

  1. You reserve a session
  2. We have a 90 minute zoom call
  3. You walk away with your completed Leadership Impact Explorer Workbook, 100 Day Action Plan, and a sense of clarity and excitement.

What happens during the call?

Depending on your specific needs, we will look at...

  • How you can gain clarity and a new sense of excitement for your leadership vision
  • The importance of strategy in making sure your vision comes to life
  • The concept of ‘level-ing up’ to build your most important skills and gain confidence
  • How to find and trust your authentic leadership voice
  • Concrete plans for expanding your influence, no matter your starting point

... and importantly, we will use the Leadership Impact Explorer Worksheet to develop a comprehensive action plan just for you. (I will send you a pdf of the document after the call!)

"But I am just way too busy for this ... "

Guess what? I hear you, I absolutely do… but I am here to tell you that until you can carve out the headspace to bring clarity and develop practical action steps that will build towards the future leadership career you desire, you are not going to be able to move past the overwhelm, the ‘busyness’, and make your unique difference, your impact - after all that's why you took on this leadership career in the first place right?

You know the old adage - attributed to Einstein, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."

I know that you can make a step-change in your leadership practice by working through the Leadership Impact framework. It will bring you clarity on your vision and the process that we will follow will generate the action steps you need for the next 100 days … How do I know? I know because it's the blueprint I spent over two decades developing and refining. I used this process for my own successful career, and many others that I have coached and mentored have been successful in reaching executive levels too.

My coaching rate for just one hour is usually north of $400 but as you are new to the community, and you’ve stayed with me so far, I can tell that you are looking for some support - like right now! 

The price for the Leadership Impact Explorer is really aimed for leaders just like you that need a kickstart in gaining clarity and identifying specific action steps to build their impact.

Ready to invest in yourself and your future?

Frequently Asked Questions


What happens once I click on the button to sign-up?

You will be taken to a new webpage where you will see a calendar to schedule time with me, there will be quite a few options, so please check your calendar before reserving your time! Next, you will make your payment and then complete a short questionnaire to tell me a little about your background and needs - that way we can hit the ground running in our zoom call. 

You will then receive an email receipt that includes the scheduled zoom call details.


What can I expect on the call?

Using the questionnaire that you will have completed, I will already have a good sense of your priority needs. I will use this knowledge to focus us as we walk you through the Magenta Roads Leadership Impact Framework - my proven and proprietary process for creating greater Leadership Impact for my clients. 

We will look at gaps, discuss capitalizing on your strengths and determine your specific steps and actions for the next 100 days or so. 

You will end the call with greater clarity, and a level of renewed excitement for your leadership vision and career.


What will I get after the call?

After the call, I will email you the completed workbook with the highlights of our discussion, and your specific action plans clearly outlined.

I will also send you a blank version of the workbook in case you would like to work some more on this following the session.

If you elect to have our zoom call recorded, you will also receive that file.