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Navigate the next step on your leadership journey with confidence, clarity, and purpose. Live and lead with impact and joy.


But it takes deep self-awareness, real heart-centeredness, and an intentional commitment to always be growing and developing if you are going to change the world.

Carla Santamaria

Magenta Roads Founder and Lead Coach


I know how important the success of your leadership career is to you.

And I know you are already making an amazing difference for your team and your organization.

Are you looking to take that even further across your company and your industry as you reach higher levels of responsibility and influence?

If you want to, I know that you can totally take it all the way!

I am here to support you in meeting all of your career dreams and goals - all the while finding fulfillment and joy for your life outside of work too.

Expand your leadership effectiveness, advance your career, reach your potential, and live your best life.

Let me be your guide as you plan the next step.


20+ years' of corporate leadership in oil and gas reaching executive level. Coached and mentored 250+ leaders.


Completed leadership coach training at Rice University's The Doerr Institute for New Leaders.


Leveraging the proven Leadership Impact Framework your growth and impact will expand rapidly.

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Fast Alignment Workshop
Leadership Team Groups

For leadership teams looking to align, focus, and energize for high-performance and fast results.

For aspiring and early-mid level managers looking to expand their impact and advance quickly.

Executive coaching and mentoring with a confidential, experienced leader and coach.

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After the call, I will email you all of the details including a simple sign-up link and we can get started as soon as you're ready.

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Client Testimony

oil and gas executive, houston, Texas

"Carla has been a mentor and coach to me for over a decade.  Her ability to cut to the core of a topic and challenge me in practical and compassionate ways differentiates her from other coaches I have worked with.  I highly recommend you engage with Carla if you are not having the impact you know you can."

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