Are you looking to take the next step-up in your leadership career?

The Leadership Impact Accelerator will get you focused on the specific steps you need to expand your influence and advance as a leader.

Are you ready for your next promotion?

Say farewell to feeling overwhelmed, overworked, and overlooked...

Join this exclusive, one-on-one coaching program and transform your leadership journey by learning the 5 essential elements for expanding your leadership impact.

You could be ready for coaching ... if

  • You are an emerging, first or second time manager ready to take the next step-up in your leadership career
  • Somedays you feel overlooked and overworked and wonder if you'll ever be recognised for that next level role
  • You know you will have an amazing impact at the next level of leadership
  • While you know you are doing a fantastic job, you have days where you feel overwhelmed and unsure of yourself
  • You care about business results AND bringing out the best in your team and their personal power
  • You are ready to learn, grow, and develop to expand your impact and accelerate your advancement

The results you can expect ...

The Leadership Impact Accelerator is all about you getting results. Here is what you will gain from this program...

  • Clarity on what you stand for as a leader and a clear vision for the impact you'd like to make
  • A strategic roadmap that will help you achieve your leadership goals that will work with the rest of your life too
  • Easier communication and collaboration at work, as well as better recognition from your boss, peers and your reports
  • A fulsome understanding of the essential elements for an impactful leadership career whatever your current level
  • New ideas for innovating breakthrough performance for your team's business results - and this will get you noticed!
  • Increased confidence and energy that will bring you joy and a sense of 'flow' in your leadership practice

The exclusive one-on-one coaching process ...

We will meet virtually one-on-one on a weekly basis for 12 weeks. Leveraging the Leadership Impact Framework (outlined below), I will tailor your program specifically to match your current needs so that you can focus on the areas of highest priority for you right now! Further, you'll be able to apply the leadership impact framework principles again and again as you continue to reach higher levels in your career.

  • Creating your vision - you will gain clarity for the kind of leader you want to be, and how this fits into your whole life.
  • Developing your strategy - I will help you organize your dreams and goals so that you can make deliberate choices.
  • Leveling Up - You will learn about the five core areas of action needed for impact - and how to excel!
  • Trusting yourself - This is a critical element of being a leader of impact. You will find your authentic voice.
  • Expanding you impact - You will be ready for promotion and the next step in your career and leadership impact.

My coaching style

I spent almost 26 years working in a male dominated industry, and 20 of those as a manager leading over 10 different teams.  I've worked all over the globe and have had the privilege of directly supervising over 150 individuals, running departments as large as 500 people, and mentoring countless.

My coaching style is best described as warm, caring, and honest.  I love people and I love supporting leaders in their goals and dreams.  I am also able to quickly identify possible blind spots in people and I will help you by revealing those to you (or possibly reminding you of something you already know about yourself?)

I really want to help ambitious first and second time leaders reach the next level, and fast! So while you will find me caring and supportive, I will hold you to account too!

I am all about developing leaders who truly want to make an impact for themselves, for their people, and on the businesses they lead.

Imagine how you will feel  ...

... three months from now ... with new skills, new knowledge, and a new mindset  ... supported by an experienced leader who has been where you are now ... you'll have renewed confidence, more energy and more influence!

Renewed confidence

Regain your swagger and sense of you as a leader by creating a clear vision and strategy

Higher levels of energy

Stop the overwhelm cycle by looking after yourself and fitting it in seamlessly

Making your impact

Your boss will see it, your team will feel it, most importantly, you will know it inside




  • 12 individual coaching sessions inside a window of 15 weeks
  • Unlimited questions/discussion via email during the 15 weeks
  • Leadership Impact Accelerator Foundational Elements Workbooks
  • Leadership Impact Accelerator Essential Elements Checklist and Cheat Sheets for ongoing reference
  • Ability to opt-out after two sessions with a no questions asked money-back guarantee*


  • A coaching environment of mutual respect and trust
  • A coaching approach that is both compassionate and honest
  • The ability to clearly articulate your own leadership vision and career path to reach your goals
  • A thorough understanding of what the essential elements to moving ahead as a leader of impact are and how to master them
  • A new level of confidence and performance in your leadership skills and practice




*Note: Ability to opt-out after two sessions with a no questions asked money-back guarantee.

You can elect to opt-out of the program after your first or second session. Payments for sessions held will be pro-rated, and your remaining payment will be refunded, no questions asked, no hard feelings.


oil and gas executive

-Houston, Texas-

"Carla has been a mentor and coach to me for over a decade.  Her ability to cut to the core of a topic and challenge me in practical and compassionate ways differentiates her from other coaches I have worked with.  I highly recommend you engage with Carla if you are not having the impact you know you can."


-business development-

"Carla and I met through a company-sponsored mentorship program. It was a tough time for me in my career as I had transitioned roles during the early months of the pandemic, and was balancing a new role with childcare. Carla was patient and empathetic, and our discussions were very motivating for me. 

Carla helped me to think beyond the near-term environment, and focus on defining my career goals and how to make action plans to achieve those goals. I highly recommend Carla’s coaching for busy, ambitious women who want to be more strategic with their career planning and execution."

engineering executive

-Oklahoma city, ok-

“Carla has been one of the most influential mentors and coaches to me for quite sometime now. I have found her to be a safe, non-judgmental, active listener providing insightful feedback which helped me feel empowered to overcome my fears and step boldly into my personal evolution.  I highly recommend Carla if you are feeling stuck in your leadership/career journey and are looking to feel more peace, joy, excitement and alignment with your future destiny!”


Are you ready to invest in you? Let's transform your leadership journey!

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