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About Magenta Roads

Magenta Roads' mission is to empower the next generation of leaders by inspiring, developing and supporting them to meet their personal and executive potential.

Founder, Carla Santamaria, is a proven, heart-centered leader passionate about developing emerging talent. Leveraging 20+ years of corporate leadership experience in the energy sector, she provides a safe atmosphere for individuals to learn, transform, and rapidly advance their impact.

Core Values

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity
  • Compassionate Leadership
  • Solutions Focused
  • Results Driven

Work With Carla

"I believe a heart-centered approach - truly caring for people - combined with a keen focus on business results and the ability to bring insightful solutions to problems is at the core of what today's dynamic business environments need from their leaders."

Individual Coaching

Exclusive one on one coaching leveraging the Leadership Impact Accelerator and tailored to individual strengths and needs.

Group Development

Small group leadership development in trusted setting with Wisdom Through Connection series.


Enterprise solutions in Leadership Development and Strategy with focus on culture, talent retention enhancement and mentoring programs.

A little more about Me.

I spent more than 25 years working with one of the largest companies in the world - which I loved.  And I learned so, so much...

I worked all over the globe, and with many different cultures.  I was involved in some amazing projects and businesses, and I fell in love with developing people and teams.  During that time, I spent 20 years as a leader, with increasingly higher levels of responsibility, and I was fortunate to have the opportunity to lead 12 different teams, with over 150 people as direct reports during that time, and some amazing departments, with up to as many as 500 people.

As well as leading teams and coaching many leaders, I was also involved in a variety of formal mentoring programs across the company. I had the delight in being selected as a mentor for various programs in multiple countries, including programs that focused on emerging women leaders identified with executive potential. 

Through my own leadership journey, including both triumphs and mini-setbacks, as well as the experience gained as a manager - learning and participating in corporate talent management processes and coaching and working with a vast number of direct reports and mentees over the years - I developed my own blue-print for success.  Of course, I adapted and continued to adjust my roadmap over time ... the incredible thing that I found, was that I was able to continue to be successful in progressing my own career, and to continue expanding my leadership impact, beyond anything I could have imagined at the beginning.  Even better, I was applying my process to the coaching and mentoring of others and could see their success growing too!  Their sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in their own journey, and the difference that they were able to make was so rewarding for me.

I decided to leverage the roadmap I had made for myself and move into coaching leaders full-time.  And I developed the Leadership Impact Framework so that I could coach and mentor an even broader audience of up and coming leaders.  

One of my favourite things is to help others short-circuit some of the leadership lessons it took me years to learn.  My wish - enabling first and second time leaders to 'get there' - to more senior and executive levels - faster than I did and to make their unique leadership impact sooner!

I believe that leaders have an immense opportunity to shape not only the culture of their own teams, and the companies they work for, but also the communities we all live in.  And this is amazingly rewarding!

With as many rewards as there are, leadership can also be tough. And I have seen many leaders lose their joie de vivre for making a difference in the overwhelm and uncertainty of the challenges they face everyday.  

I have also witnessed many leaders find their way back to passion and personal satisfaction, and yes, even joy, once they get the support they need to deepen their leadership practice with new skills and knowledge. This often takes place with a positive shift in their mindset and confidence.  

I am committed to supporting heart-centered, purpose-driven leaders in the development of their skills, knowledge, and the necessary mindset, to get back to their main priority - making a difference for their people - by building productive, inclusive workplace cultures, delivering on business performance, and progressing their own career and leadership impact.  You will love it, and so will your people!

I look forward to supporting you on your leadership journey!

Magenta Roads, Principal, Carla Santamaria

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why magenta?

The mystery of magenta is revealed by wrapping the ends of the visible light spectrum, violet and red, and overlapping them to find a whole new illumination of colour and light - Magenta.  

Impactful leadership, and life in general, is often about bringing together two seemingly opposite ideas or concepts, into one, integrated solution. This kind of integration, when done well, connects our diversity as humans, and allows approaches for our teams and our families that acknowledges the complexities and ambiguities of life.

With Magenta Roads, I am passionate about integrating needs that may seem in conflict, and using blended approaches, that enable and empower you to find meaning, joy and high levels of achievement in your career and life. 

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