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The ‘Create My Vision’ workbook guides Leaders who are ready to expand their impact and reach the next level of their career by gaining clarity and a sense of personal inspiration following a 4-step process. 

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Gain Clarity and Inspiration

Navigate your leadership career to higher and higher levels with a clear view ahead.

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You'll be amazed as your leadership vision emerges following the easy to use 4-step process.

Take the pen on writing your story

You are the CEO of your life! Which of your aspirations will you meet along your leadership journey?

Creating Your Vision is just the first step

The Leadership Impact Framework has 5 elements in total. Your workbook explores the others briefly too.


I'm Carla

I am the creator of the Leadership Impact Framework which I leverage to help emerging and mid-level leaders grow their skills, knowledge, and mindset needed to reach their executive and personal potential.

The Create My Vision workbook has helped leaders in transition to gain clarity on who they are and where they want to go.

Without a clear sense of direction and personal inspiration, you could remain stalled in your career advancement, and stuck in frustration and overwhelm.

By defining your authentic, values-based vision, this workbook will deliver you the purpose and motivation you need to propel you forward to achieve your goals and positively impact your team, your company, and the world!

Magenta Roads, Principal, Carla Santamaria

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