Why Your Team Needs You Thriving Right Now!

The opportunity is NOW

Your Team Needs You Thriving.

They need you at your best. And they need you right now.

Look, I know why you became a leader.

You wanted to serve others.

You wanted to make an impact.

You wanted to help make things better than they were before.

Am I right?

You also wanted to fulfill your own potential, provide for your family, and achieve a sense of accomplishment from your career choices.

Of course, I don't know this for sure, but am I close?

Well, guess what? This is your time to rise to the occasion and shine!

It really is! Right now, as the 'great resignation' becomes the 'great opportunity' heart-centered, impactful leaders are needed more than ever.

The demand for capable leaders who are also compassionate is only going to continue to increase.

That means there are two reasons for you to be at your best, right now.

  1. 1
    By performing at your best - in this moment - you will be well-positioned for advancement and promotion. And as you reach higher levels within your organization, you'll be even more well placed to influence change.
  2. 2
    Your team needs you. With folks departing companies in record numbers, morale in many workplaces is trending down and compassionate, real 'human' leadership is desperately needed.

I Know You're Tired Too

I don't want to be insensitive to your needs.

I know you are tired too.

Not only are you also suffering the impacts of the extended pandemic, and the great resignation, yourself. But you are also unlikely to be getting the support you need from your superiors as you go through these challenging times.

Starting to turn the tide for your team without a lot of support, might seem like an insurmountable task.

But the managers and leaders ready, willing, and able to step up have a tremendous opportunity to be at the front of the change we are beginning to see across corporate America.

And I know you can be an amazing part of this.

I urge you to take the time over the holidays and as part of your year-end review to self-assess the effectiveness of your habits and your energy levels.

Check-in with your own leadership career vision. What are your hopes, dreams, and desires?

Do you still have a fire in your belly for being a leader who can make a difference?

If you are excited about this challenge, you'll need to build and maintain high levels of resilience and personal energy.

Here are three critical areas for you to be focused on.

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3

Link to the 3 Critical Focus Areas to Maximise Your Energy blog post to learn more about each of these.

An Amazing Opportunity

Heart-centered leadership is so needed right now.

If you are a heart-centered leader and you've not always been fully appreciated for those skills, well, like I said above, this is your time to shine.

And you are needed.

If you know you should brush up on your business acumen and ability to deliver results through your heart-centered approach, be sure to seek out ways to close those gaps soon. You will be a powerful leader with the full range of skillsets in your arsenal.

If you are an amazing business person and know how to deliver results, but could do with some focus on your skills and knowledge for taking a compassionate approach, then I also urge you to seek pathways to close those skill gaps too.

Employees and heart-centered leaders alike are demanding our corporate cultures transition to be centered on actual human needs, such as being included, having personal agency, and belonging.

It is leaders who can lead with both heart, and business impact, that will forge the way in transforming our corporate cultures to be more 'human'. 

Looking for support?

The signature one-on-one coaching offer at Magenta Roads is The Leadership Impact Accelerator.

The Leadership Impact Accelerator will get you focused on the specific steps you need to expand your influence and advance as a leader.

You'll be transformed through the 12-week journey as you firstly gain clarity on your vision and strategic roadmap for achieving your goals. Secondly, you'll gain insights on your blind spots and close gaps in your areas of struggle. And thirdly, you'll learn how to trust your own authentic voice as you expand your impact and influence and prepare for the next level of your leadership career.

Link here to learn more. Or if you are ready to go ahead and schedule a complimentary discovery call to discuss options for working together, click the button below.

Supporting you on your leadership journey,

Magenta Roads, Principal, Carla Santamaria

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