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Why join Wisdom Through Connection?

Develop Your Leadership Wisdom

Growing and developing heart-centered, impactful leaders is what Magenta Roads is all about. Each series' theme is on a topic  important to you and your leadership advancement.

Expand Your Network

Overwhelmingly, the feedback I receive is about the benefit of hearing perspectives from like-minded leaders. Participants feel both a sense of not being alone, as well as expanding their ideas.

Experience a Nurturing Atmosphere

The virtual environment is nurturing, fun, and you will leave each week's session with a feeling of having been 'filled up'. Those you serve need you at your best. Plus, you deserve it!

Expand Your Perspectives and Grow Your Mindset

By expanding your perspective and growing your mindset you will become a more impactful leader, growing your influence and positioning yourself for higher level opportunities.


"Taking time out to gain perspectives from other women that I grew to highly respect during the process was invaluable."

"Connecting with other female leaders was the highlight of the process for me."

"The greatest value for me was using the group as a sounding board where we could all talk out our ideas."

"I enjoyed the time for reflection, hearing different perspectives, and noticing a range of styles within the group."

Hello I'm Carla.

I am a leadership coach focused on inspiring, developing, and supporting heart-centered leaders to expand their impact and achieve their personal and executive potential.

In addition to one-on-one coaching I offer the Wisdom Through Connection small group wisdom and leadership development program.

Link here to further explore the Wisdom Through Connection small group concept. And you can learn more about me at the About page.

Supporting you on your leadership journey,

Magenta Roads, Principal, Carla Santamaria

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