Join the Wisdom Through Connection™ Winter 2022 Series: Shifting from Languishing to Thriving

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Shift away from languishing and feeling like you're going through the motions, and toward THRIVING with ease, confidence, and joy!

Doesn't your team deserve a leader who is thriving?

Don't you deserve to thrive?

We get started on January 19th and the series is a 6-week program.

Join us!

Early Bird 10% Discount Countdown - sign-up by Jan 10th 2022

Enrollment closes January 17th

Session 1 Wednesday January 19th

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You missed out!

Are you ready

to move away from feelings of 



and a sense of 'meh'...

...and toward





Are you going through what Amy Cuddy has called pandemic flux syndrome?

You are not alone.

So many of us have been languishing ... and we are tired.

Tired of living in the meh?

Ready to shift toward yeah!?

If you are ready to shift away from overwhelm, shift away from isolation, and shift away from feeling like you are going through the motions?

Join the Wisdom Through Connection™ Winter 2022 Series, regain your sense of purpose, find that spring in your step once again, and move toward THRIVING!

What is Wisdom Through Connection™?

Wisdom Through Connection™ is the Magenta Roads small group wisdom and leadership development program.

Each series has its own theme and lasts for 6 weeks. You can choose to join each series independently, its for people who don't enjoy being locked into six-month or year-long memberships.

Groups are usually 4-6 and never more than 8 people in size.

Leveraging my 20+ years as a corporate leader, my specific knowledge in human performance science, and my talent for fostering connection in an atmosphere of trust, I developed the Wisdom Through Connection process to be fun, supportive, and nurturing. 

As a Senior Leader I found that many of my challenges were ones I wasn't completely comfortable discussing with anyone at work. 

And try as they might, my friends and family often just didn't get it!

If you enjoy spending time with like-minded leaders and professionals that just get you...

If you are looking for a nurturing forum to grow, develop, and gain wisdom in your leadership knowledge and skills...

If you would like to test out loud some of your own ideas and voice them in a safe environment...

If you are looking for more wisdom, grace, and meaning...


I invite you to join the...

Wisdom Through Connection - Winter 2022 Series

Shifting From Languishing to Thriving

The Wisdom Through Connection™ Winter 2022 Series - Shifting From Languishing to Thriving - will be focused specifically on developing skills and habits that are grounded in purpose and meaning and that will support you moving towards more satisfaction in your life and work, as well as tips and techniques for building and maintaining greater reserves for personal resiliency and joy.

Special early-bird offer! Enroll by January 10th and get a 10% discount!

Here's how it works and what happens next once you click

 "sign me up"...

The sessions will be held at 8pm (CST) each Wednesday evening from January 19th for six weeks, last session on February 23rd.

Each session will last 90 minutes and will be held on Zoom.

Once you hit the 'sign me up' button, the next steps you can expect are described below.

Step 1: Sign-up Page

You'll select Wednesday January 19th, (our first call) and then make your payment by credit card. You will receive a confirmation email and receipt.

You will also receive your Zoom meeting invitation for the six sessions. (You'll see the Early Bird Special Pricing if you sign-up by Jan 10!)

Step 2: Welcome Pack

Soon after signing-up you will receive an Email with your welcome pack. This will include your bonus workbook, your bonus extended self-care checklist, and your invitation to join the private Facebook group.

Simply hit 'reply' with any questions!

Step 3: Your Preparation

Join the Facebook group should you choose. Also, take a look at the Workbook and think about the Wisdom Project you might like to tackle over the six-week journey. This is voluntary, and we will discuss it more at the first session.

Step 4: The Sessions

Join the Zoom calls each week preferably with your pre-reading complete (note that there is no pre-reading for week one). Participants will not be able to join the call 15 minutes after the scheduled start time unless agreed earlier.

What are the Winter 2022 Series Topics?

The Winter 2022 Series Theme is Shifting from Languishing to Thriving

Here are the weekly topics we will cover.


Session 1: Introductions

The first session will be spent providing an overview of the whole six week journey and the rules of engagement. We will also spend quite some time on introductions so that we can establish rapport and that certain 'get to know one another' factor for the group. You will also be invited to participate in a Wisdom Project should you choose.


Session 2: Finding Flow

Following along with the pre-reading in the workbook you'll receive once you sign-up, we will journey through a path of understanding 'flow' and how it leads to feelings of contentment, motivation, and meaning. And we will look at how and why these feelings are needed to overcome those of 'languishing'.


Session 3: Identifying Barriers and Enablers

Week 3 and we will have the first of our official 'wine and whine' sessions. This is where we will take the opportunity to examine what barriers get in our way for finding flow. We won't spend the whole time whining (LOL), and we will move through the whining to start looking at solutions and enablers that lead to us re-discovering flow.


Session 4: Getting Organized to Take Action

Session 4 will focus on building good habits and finding motivation to keep them going. This is a session where we will really be able to share across the group what techniques have worked, and what hasn't worked, to help bring everyone along and ready to take action. There are several planners and trackers in your workbook too.


Session 5: Self Care Barriers and Enablers

Week 5 will be another 'wine and whine' session as we look at barriers to maintaining our own self care routines and practices. We will explore personal matters that give rise to self-sabotage, the undue pressures or burdens of too much to do and how to change that, and also discuss how to ask for help when you need it.


Session 6: Gratitude, Connection, & Joy

In the 6th and final session, we will consider the aspects of life that make it all worthwhile, our connections and our joys. And we will look at how the practice of gratitude can indeed help us to feel more connected and more joyful. We will also invite those who'd like to report out on their Wisdom Project progress to do so. We will then wrap up the series.


in addition to attending the sessions you will also get ...

Bonus 1

Your complimentary workbook will provide links to each week's pre-reading, space for notes, and a selection of habit trackers and planners.

Bonus 2
The Extended Self Care Checklist

This 7 Step Self Care Checklist is an extended version and will be prove helpful for you as we discuss habits needed to enable us to thrive.

Bonus 3
Private Facebook Group Membership

You will receive a link to join our private Facebook group so that you can keep in touch with participants between sessions.

About Your Coach,

Carla Santamaria

Carla is a heart-centered leader, with 20+ years of global leadership experience. She is known for making strong personal connections and fostering an atmosphere of inclusiveness, transparency, and belonging.

Carla has intentionally designed the Wisdom Through Connection process so that you will feel a sense of connection to the group as well as a connection to yourself! You will leave the calls feeling inspired and energized. Your proverbial cup will be filled!

There is so much to love about

Wisdom Through Connection™!

I love creating a nurturing, and trusting environment in which participants can grow, learn, and develop.

I believe that it is in connecting with one another, telling our stories and sharing our experiences that we individually and collectively gain wisdom.

I designed the program to do just that!

Leveraging my 20+ years as a Manager and Executive, and everything I learned and experienced in successfully developing and nurturing the individuals within each of the leadership teams reporting in to me, I carefully designed the Wisdom Through Connection format.

I also stitched into the program design my expertise in human performance science and experiential learning principles.

And ... because I am an engineer - and I have a continuous improvement, growth mindset - I ran a pilot!

At the end of the pilot, I surveyed the participants.

When asked about the value of the program, the response was overwhelming!

100% of the pilot participants said they were ready to sign up again!

So I knew I was onto a good thing!

But I also made some tweaks based on feedback from that pilot group.

Each session is now 90 minutes instead of 60.

We meet weekly instead of every other week.

Session times are later in the evening instead of right at the end of the workday.

There are also a number of features from the pilot that will be staying.

Keeping the group small - aim is for 4-6 people. Max of 8.

Creating an environment to nurture each participant's development by empowering everyone to tell their story to the group.

Facilitating the discussions so that everyone is empowered to share their thoughts and challenges on the weekly topics.

We will be real about the problems and our challenges allowing just enough venting to be constructive.

(I call this the 'wine and whine' portion of the program.)

We will build towards solutions to our challenges.

We will maintain confidentiality.

I also heard in the feedback that participants found tremendous personal and professional value in attending the sessions.

The highlights for attendees were:

- connecting with other female leaders

- access to perspectives from other leaders in an open way

- time to reflect on important topics away from the 'busy' day to day

- having a sounding board available for current challenges

- having an opportunity to test ideas 'out loud' in a trusted environment

One of the biggest 'a-ha' moments for participants was realising that

"I am not alone in my struggles."

What I love about the program is the value it brings participants at a fraction of the cost of one-on-one coaching.

This makes it possible for individuals who are not quite ready to commit to coaching in a one-on-one setting to also have the opportunity to grow and develop. 

And I love how this allows me to reach and support even more leaders in growing their leadership career impact.

My coaching rate for a single 45-minute session is currently $350.

Each Wisdom Through Connection™ series is the equivalent of nine hours of live face time with me which adds to more than $4000.

You've already seen that there are some bonuses for the Winter 2022 Series.

And with those included, the total program value is well over $4000.

However, because I want to make it more accessible to a wider audience, and as it is offered in a group format, I am offering the

Winter 2022 Series: From Languishing to Thriving

at just ...


6 x 90 minute group sessions




  • Complimentary Workbook
  • Facebook Group Membership
  • Extended Self-Care Checklist
  • Early Bird 10% Discount at Check-out until Jan 10th.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee 

Following the first two sessions, if you feel that the program is not providing you value, I will pro-rate the amount for the remaining sessions in a no questions asked refund.

I offer this satisfaction guarantee because I know that you will get value from these sessions, and I am willing give you that option up front.

If you find that Wisdom Through Connection™ is not for you, no problem whatsoever. I do ask that you attend and participate in the first two sessions as a contingency for the satisfaction guaranteed refund.

Early Bird Enrollment (10% discount) closes on January 10th 2022

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You missed out!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it okay if I don't know anybody else?

This is not a problem at all! There will be ample opportunity to introduce yourself and for others to do the same. In many ways, the anonymity of the group is something you might enjoy! We will create a trusted environment, asking each participant to treat our sessions confidentially.

What if I need to miss a session?

It's not a problem if you need to miss a session, however, there will not be any refunds provided for missed sessions.

Refunds are possible for the full amount up to 7 days following payment, as long as that is before January 18th, 2022. 

The 100% guarantee refund is also available if after two sessions you would like to opt-out and the refund will be provided if requested, contingent on participation at the first two sessions.

I want to know more about the program

For an overview of the Wisdom Through Connection concept - link here.

I am too busy right now, when is the next series?

I am sorry to hear that you cannot make the Winter 2022 series fit into your schedule. I encourage you to sign up for the waitlist on the Wisdom Through Connection page (link here). I will reach out to people on the waitlist as I plan upcoming series to understand their preferences for meeting times and let them be the first to know of upcoming series times.

Winter 2022 series

6 x 90 minute group sessions



  • Complimentary Workbook
  • FaceBook Group Membership
  • Extended Self-Care Checklist 
  • Early Bird 10% Discount at Check-out until Jan 10th.

Come connect with us!

You deserve the time to build your emotional reserves, resiliency, and joy!

I know that it might feel like you don't have the bandwidth to take on anything more right now.

I totally get that feeling.

But I know that the nurturing you gain from this community will lift you up!

And the tips and strategies you learn will have you inspired and re-energized right in time for the 2022 spring season.

Whatever you decide is right for you at this time, I wish you a happy and productive 2022, and that you thrive!

Always supporting your leadership journey, 

Magenta Roads, Principal, Carla Santamaria

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